Signs Of A Furnace Control Board Problem

Do you realize how much work the furnace control board is responsible for with its many technological functions? It begins when you start the electronic ignition, the opening and closing of gas valves, blower activation, and all activities that provide you with a nice warm home. However, just like all mechanical operations, problems can surface, and you might need to hire a professional. That is, unless, you are the do-it-yourself individual. Read More 

Eww That Smell! Troubleshooting A Stinky Central Air System

There is nothing quite like bursting into your front door after a day in the sun to be greeted with a cool rush of cold air thanks to your central air unit. However, there are a handful of problems that can come up with your central air system that will leave you less enthused about the air that greets you in your house. If your central air unit is producing odors that are anything but friendly and welcoming, it is a surefire sign that there's something wrong. Read More 

Did Your Air Conditioner System Break Down? How To Know If It Doesn’t Need Replacement

When your air conditioning system breaks down, your first instinct may be that the whole unit needs to be replaced.  The cost of replacement can be daunting, which is why the first step is to have it inspected and repaired if possible.  Here are some signs that the unit is not quite ready to be replaced with a new one. The Air Conditioner Is Not Over 10 Years Old The age of a household appliance is not always a good reason to have it replaced, but it will give you a rough idea about if it is time to do so. Read More 

Should You Upgrade Your Window Air Conditioner To An HVAC System

You already have window air conditioners and are happy with them, but you've heard an HVAC system could be better. Which one do you opt for now? Should you really spend the money on upgrading your home cooling system? The truth is getting an HVAC system now could save you money in the long term and be better for your home. Here are some of the reasons to upgrade today. Read More 

Three Laundry Room Plumbing Tips

Maintaining a laundry room involves more than folding up your clean clothes. Proper maintenance should also include a few simple, yet effective plumbing tasks. Here are just a few of the plumbing tips every homeowner should be applying in their laundry room.  Inspect Drain Hoses Don't forget to inspect the hoses that run between the water supply valve and your washing machine. Simply from normal use, hoses can fray, get punctured or sustain other damage. Read More