Three Reasons Why You May Need To Run The Air Conditioner At A Colder Setting

The setting of your air conditioner should be able to remain consistent throughout the day. Some people will adjust their temperature settings if the daytime temperature and nighttime temperature are drastically different. If they are not, leaving your temperature setting at the same dial for the entire season is common. If you notice that you are constantly having to change the temperature to a lower setting in order for the home to feel comfortable, there could be a few issues with your air conditioner. Read More 

Causes And Solutions For A Tripping AC Breaker

When you come home on a summer day and your house is hot and stuffy, you're probably wondering what's going on with your air conditioner. You adjust the thermostat and check the switch and it still won't come on. The next step is to check the electrical panel to see if the circuit breaker tripped. Here are some things that can cause that to happen and the repairs that might be needed if flipping the switch back on doesn't solve the problem. Read More 

Tips For Cleaning Your Furnace Fan

Do you have a forced air heating system in your home? It's possible that the fan hasn't been cleaned in years, which pushes dirty air through your vents every time you turn the heat on. A dirty fan can also cause the system to be less energy efficient over time. Thankfully, cleaning a furnace fan is a simple task you can do on your own. Here are some tips for cleaning your furnace fan. Read More 

4 Common Reasons Why The Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling Down Your Home

Anyone who lives in a how environment knows that it is essential for the air conditioner inside a hope to operate properly during the sweltering summer months. Few things are more annoying on a super hot day than sweating inside your home and realizing that your air conditioner is not cooling your home down. There are several reasons why your home may not be cooling down-- some of the most common issues include: Read More 

3 Benefits Of Having Your Crawl Space Encapsulated

As a homeowner, you may not think about your crawl space and how it can impact your home. Taking preventative measures by having your crawl space encapsulated can prevent common problems that might reduce the value of your home and lead to significant repair expenses. Moisture Barrier Since your crawl space makes contact with the ground, it is inevitable that moisture problems will exist and eventually cause problems. Protecting your crawl space from moisture can stop or slow the progression of several moisture-related problems that might occur. Read More