Three Tricks For Decreasing Your Heating Costs

A furnace can only heat up a home once the temperature has gone down enough. Thus, anything you can do to prevent the cold from seeping into your home will reduce the need to run your furnace, and thus help you to reduce utility costs. Some tricks for insulating a home will cost little to no money at all.  Window Treatments You might think that the only purposes that curtains serve are to provide some privacy and to keep the evening sun out of your eyes. Read More 

Do You Have A Noisy Boiler? Here Is What You Should Know

Banging or knocking boiler noises are a reliable indication that something is wrong with your heating system. Making sure that you not only trace the root cause of the problem, but also get it fixed, is necessary if you want to increase both the heating efficiency and the lifespan of your boiler. The following are some of the common causes of boiler noises that you should know. Air leaks When your heating system's valves are defective, they can introduce air into the system. Read More 

What Are Some Benefits Of Electric Wall Heaters?

If you are looking for a new heating system for your home, you might want to consider an electric wall heater. This wall heater doesn't require installing an entire vent system in your home and can give you fast heat when you need it. Here are some benefits to choosing an electric wall heater.  They Are Affordable Electric wall heaters will help you save money in nearly every way possible. First of all, purchasing the heater and having it installed won't cost a lot compared to the alternatives. Read More 

How To Keep Your AC Condenser In Good Shape

Your air conditioner's condenser is pretty tough. It has to be when it's sitting out in the elements without shelter for years. However, that doesn't mean you can ignore it. Here's what you need to do to keep your air conditioner's condenser in good shape. Keep it Clean An air conditioner's high-speed fan can destroy pretty much anything it comes in contact with, but you shouldn't rely on it alone to keep your condenser clean. Read More 

Signs Of A Furnace Control Board Problem

Do you realize how much work the furnace control board is responsible for with its many technological functions? It begins when you start the electronic ignition, the opening and closing of gas valves, blower activation, and all activities that provide you with a nice warm home. However, just like all mechanical operations, problems can surface, and you might need to hire a professional. That is, unless, you are the do-it-yourself individual. Read More