3 Ways That Solar Energy Can Be Incorporated Into The Heating Of Your Home

Heating your home can be a major expense, especially if you use gas or oil. Today, modern heating systems are much more efficient, but you still may want to consider different ways that you can improve the efficiency of your heating. Using solar energy to heat your home can be a great option, and there are many different ways that solar energy can be incorporated into home heating. This can be something as simple as a passive home design, or more involved solutions like solar water heaters or using solar panels to power different aspects of your heating. Read More 

Ready To Take The Antiquated Radiators Out And Install Something Else? How Ductless Mini Splits May Be The Solution

Many old homes still rely on an antiquated boiler and radiator system. While this may be a neat way to examine the history of heating and cooling, it may no longer be the most effective or efficient way of keeping your old home cool or warm. If you are ready to remove the radiators and boiler system, but you are not sure what to put in its place, you may want to consider ductless mini splits. Read More 

Getting Your Water Softener And Your Water Heater To Work Together: How Plumbing Services Are Involved And Completed

If you are in need of a new water heater and you also want to install a water softener, you might be wondering how to get these two appliances to work together. Plumbing services provided by an HVAC contractor can help. Here is how an HVAC contractor can get these two items installed and working together as a unit. Setting up the Position of the Water Heater and the Water Softener Read More 

Using Duct Damper To Achieve Balanced Heating

If you have rooms in your house that never get warm, you might think that you have a problem with your furnace. Unfortunately, this is an area that will likely not be fixed by calling for a furniture technician to come make repairs. Instead, your problem likely resides in your ducts. Understanding how duct dampers work can help you to make heating repairs on your own and get even, balanced heating throughout your home. Read More 

Three Tricks For Decreasing Your Heating Costs

A furnace can only heat up a home once the temperature has gone down enough. Thus, anything you can do to prevent the cold from seeping into your home will reduce the need to run your furnace, and thus help you to reduce utility costs. Some tricks for insulating a home will cost little to no money at all.  Window Treatments You might think that the only purposes that curtains serve are to provide some privacy and to keep the evening sun out of your eyes. Read More