An Overview of Packaged AC Units

The conventional air conditioner comprises several parts, such as the evaporator and condenser that you install in different places in your home. All the critical components of a packaged AC sits inside a single unit. Below is an overview of packaged AC units. Installation and Operation The best location for a packaged AC unit is outside the house. You can install the unit either on the ground or on the roof. Read More 

Air Conditioning Is Important For Your Storefront

If you run a storefront, you have much more to tend to than ordering merchandise and putting it on the shelves. You also need to take all appropriate steps to provide a decent and safe workplace for all of whom you employ and you need to take all possible steps to get new customers into your store and to keep them returning as regulars. An added plus of creating loyal customers is that it often results in helpful word of mouth advertising that creates even more business growth. Read More 

AC Repairs That You May Need to Do During the Summer

The summer months mean that your air conditioner will be coming on more frequently to keep your home cool and comfortable. What does this mean for the maintenance and repairs that need to be done? It means that as the weather gets hotter, your more likely to have AC problems that you will need to troubleshoot and have repaired. The following AC guide will help you with the problems and repairs that are going to be needed during the summer weather: Read More 

The Importance Of Restaurant Kitchen Appliance Repairs And Maintenance

When you run a restaurant, you want to make sure you are taking proper care of everything in the restaurant. This includes making sure that everything is cleaned on a daily basis to ensure you don't end up with pest issues and that you are keeping the establishment in a condition that allows you to pass health inspections and avoid other problems, such as earning a reputation as a dirty establishment that should be avoided. Read More 

The Switch to Electric: Is This Furnace Fuel Right for Your Home?

If you need to get a new furnace, whether it's for a custom home you're building or for a home you're remodeling, or even just because your old furnace finally died, one of the fuels you should consider is electric. A lot of people don't like electric for various reasons, one of which is that it's at the mercy of power outages. However, if blackouts and brownouts aren't much of a risk in your region, electricity is one of the better fuels for a number of reasons. Read More