2 Noises You Should Never Ignore From Your Gas Furnace

If your home depends on a gas furnace to keep you and your family warm during the cold winter months, you may have started hearing some concerning noises coming from the heater whenever it comes on. While some noises are normal, such as humming while the blower is working or a whooshing sound when the furnace first kicks on, there are a couple of sounds that you should not ignore since they could indicate a problem.

1.  Squealing Noises While the Blower Is Running

One noise that you should not ignore even if it is hard to not notice it is high-pitched squealing noises that you may hear while the blower is running. When the furnace first comes on, you may not hear it because the air is still heating up. However, once the temperature of the air reaches a certain point, the blower will kick on to disperse it throughout your home and this is when the noises start.

If you hear these squealing sounds when the blower kicks on, the likely culprit is a loose or frayed blower belt. If the best is not fully secured, it will start slipping over the pulleys and cause the noises. Eventually, the belt may break or come completely loose. Once that happens, it's impossible for the blower fan to deliver warm air to your vents and into your rooms. Have a professional take a look at the belt so that they can replace it before this scenario plays out.

2.  Popping Sounds Whenever the Furnace Starts

Another noise that should be cause for immediate concern and action is the presence of popping sounds whenever your gas furnace starts up. These sounds will be loud enough that you can hear them even if your furnace is on a different level than your location. The most likely cause of this popping noise is a clogged up pilot or burner. When gas is forced through openings that are filled with dirt, dust, or grime, the momentary delay will cause a sudden spark and the popping sound that you hear. Have a professional inspect the pilot light and burner to see if either or both of them need cleaning. 

If you hear either of the above noises coming from your gas furnace or if you are concerned about any other sounds that you may be hearing, have your furnace inspected as soon as possible to avoid potential major issues or complete failure. Contact an HVAC contractor who offers furnace repair services to have them look at your gas heater and fix any issues that they may find.