What To Do If The Freon For Your AC Unit Is Discontinued

Even though winter is right around the corner, now is the time to tend to your AC unit's needs. As of January 2020, a substance known as R22 will no longer be produced due to concerns over its impact on the environment. R22 is more commonly known as freon. Freon is a substance that helps your AC unit eradicate its internal heat so that it only expels cool air.

If you own an AC unit that uses R22, you might wonder what your next move should be. Keep reading for more info about what to do if your AC unit uses a soon-to-be discontinued coolant. 

Get Your AC Unit Evaluated

Your next move will vary based on the condition of your AC unit. It's a myth that the discontinuation of R22 means that you need to replace your unit as soon as possible. If your unit is currently working fine, it's okay to wait to replace it.

However, it's important to schedule a professional evaluation of your AC unit for multiple reasons. You need an accurate report about your unit's condition. If it turns out your AC unit is starting to show signs that it needs repairs or even worse, is leaking freon, it's important to start making preparations to replace the unit now.

After January 2020, your HVAC pro will no longer be able to add R22 to units that are low on freon or actively leaking freon. Instead, these units will have to be replaced. Should you learn that your unit is at the end of its lifespan, you can start making financial preparations to buy a new unit. 

You can also explore other options with your HVAC professional for your AC. For some units, it might be feasible to convert it so that it uses a different type of coolant that's more environmentally friendly. Retrofitting your AC with a new coolant source is possible if the unit isn't actively leaking freon and is in proper working order. 

Add More Freon to Your Unit

If your unit is in good condition but is a little low on freon, now is the time to add more freon to your unit. Adding freon to your unit can buy you years of time before you need to replace the unit.

It's better to act sooner rather than later if you think your unit will need more freon. Even though R22 is still available for now, the price is increasing and will continue to increase due to the diminishing availability. Supplies of R22 will continue to dwindle as January 2020 approaches. 

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