3 Things To Do Once You’ve Eliminated Rodents From Your Home

IF you have rodents invading your home, they can cause far more damage than anyone might ever think possible. Once you have won the battle against the rodents, it's time to begin taking the steps necessary to ensure that the damage they have caused doesn't end up costing you your home or your health. Here, you'll find a few things to do after you've gotten the rodents out of your home for good.

Have the Furnace Cleaned and Inspected

You should have your furnace cleaned each year no matter what, but when you have rodents sharing your home with you, it's imperative that you have it cleaned and inspected before using it. You see, as the mice or rats find homes, they don't let anything stop them — they'll chew right through plastic, wood, and even some metal to reach the food that they're following their noses to.

So, before you fire up the furnace, have it cleaned and inspected. During the cleaning, the droppings will be removed and any damage will be identified. This can prevent gas from leaking into your home, prevent electrical shorts from the wiring being chewed, and prevent the contaminants that they have tracked through the system from being blown into the air when the blower kicks on.

Have the Duct Work Cleaned

Ductwork is commonly used by rodents to make it through the home undetected. As they make their way through the ductwork, they leave their little droppings and secretions, all of which can release toxic gasses. When the blower kicks on, the air coming from the furnace travels through the ductwork and pushes those gases and contaminants into the air. So, have the ductwork cleaned before too long.

Inspect under the Kitchen and Laundry Appliances

Those little critters love to nest inside appliances because they are warm and safe. But when they make their nests, they chew all kinds of wiring that are underneath these appliances. So, take some time to pull the appliances out of their little cubbies and check under and behind them for evidence that the mice and rats have visited. Droppings, trails, and nesting materials will be visible if you look closely.

Talk with your furnace-cleaning professional and get started undoing all of the damage that the rodents that have been living in your home have caused. Your next call should be the exterminator to ensure that the little pests don't come back again anytime in the near future.

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