How to Enhance the Efficiency of Your Central Air Conditioner

If your utility bills have risen, or if the temperature inside your home is not as cool as you would like it to be, then your central air conditioner may not be working as efficiently as it should. An air conditioner services technician can help ensure that your unit runs as smoothly as possible by performing the following services:

Filter Maintenance

Not only can dirty air filters blow impurities into your living space every time your unit is turned on, but they can also prevent your air conditioner from effectively cooling your home. A clean air filter helps improve airflow, which helps your unit work more efficiently, possibly saving you money on your utility bills. 

Your heating and cooling contractor will inspect your filter system to determine if your air filter is the replaceable type or the reusable type. If the filter is the reusable type, the technician will thoroughly clean it and replace it. If you want to clean or replace the filter yourself, be sure to follow the instructions in your service manual. Failure to do so may result in improper removal, cleaning, or replacement of the filter, which may void your warranty. 

Cleaning Ductwork

The air conditioner service technician can also inspect and clean your ductwork. Air ducts in which grime, dust, pet dander, and mold have accumulated may render your air conditioner less effective and may lead to poor air quality. This is especially dangerous for those suffering from lung problems or allergies, because every time the compressor is turned on, harmful particulate and mold spores can be blown into the air of your living spaces.

If your ductwork is not routinely inspected and cleaned, fungi can proliferate so extensively that cleaning the ducts may not be an option. In these cases, you may need to have your entire duct system replaced.

Preventive maintenance will help ensure that minor problems do not result in high energy or replacement costs. Like with your filters, unless you are experienced, never attempt to clean your ductwork yourself. Doing so may cause you to damage or disconnect electrical equipment, which may lead to an accident or injury, system malfunction, or fire.

To improve the efficiency of your central air conditioner unit, make an appointment with an air conditioner services business today. Someone will inspect your compressor, filter system, and ductwork. After a thorough inspection, you will be given a written report and estimate so that you can further proceed with your repairs and routine maintenance work.