Protect Your Furnace From Winter Weather

When it's cold outside, one of the main things on your mind is to keep your home warm and comfortable. While regular maintenance is essential if you want to accomplish this goal, it's also vital that you protect your furnace during inclement weather as well. Learn what you can do to safeguard your heating system from winter weather.

Insulate all Pipes

With winter weather often comes dangerously low temperatures. Not only can these low temperatures make you feel like you're literally freezing, but the winter weather can actually freeze your pipes. Ensure that all the pipes that transport fluid to and from your furnace are covered and well insulated to prevent them from freezing. 

If the pipes were to freeze, they would burst. As a result, your heating unit would no longer work correctly, and you would be faced with a costly repair to correct the issue. Look for pipe insulation that you can easily wrap around the exposed pipes on your own. 

Inspect Nearby Trees

If there are any large trees nearby the area where the outside unit of your heating system is installed, make sure you take the time to have the trees around the area inspected. With age and from disease, branches can die and weaken. When there is ice, or there is heavy snowfall, the extra weight can make the weakened branches break off, and possibly come crashing down onto your outdoor unit.

Tree inspections by a professional give you an opportunity to have the dead branches removed before this happens to prevent the extensive damage to the unit that would come from a falling branch. 

Clean the Yard

To protect your furnace from winter weather, it's also a good idea to keep your yard as clean as possible. When high winds accompany winter weather like snow or ice, some of the clutter in a yard can get displaced. Some of it might blow away, and some might end up packed around your furnace. 

Once the snow and ice get on top of the debris, these elements can force the debris into the actual outdoor unit which can cause significant damage and prevent the unit from producing heat correctly. 

If you suspect an issue with your furnace or you have some additional concerns about protecting your furnace from winter weather, speak with a furnace repair technician. A technician can directly address your concerns and help you repair any issues right away to keep your home warmer all winter long.