How to Fix a Noisy AC System

The current generation of air conditioners (AC) are actually quieter than their predecessors. These modern ACs incorporate speed compressors and sound-dampening technology to keep noise below 55 decibels. So, if the sound produced by your AC system reaches a noticeable and annoying level, don't ignore it. Here are some steps to fixing a noisy AC system:

Identify the Noise

First, you should identify the type of noise produced by your AC because each sound signifies a specific problem with your unit. For example, banging sound is a sign of either a broken or loose part. It could be the connecting rod, crankshaft, or compressor. On the other hand, clanking might mean that the indoor blower or outdoor fan is hitting other parts. Additionally, a clicking sound could mean a failing thermostat or malfunctioning control. The key is for you to recognize which type of sound is different from the normal operations of your AC. For example, a squeaky sound may be normal upon start-up. This way, you'll know whether or not your AC actually needs fixing.

Quick Fixes

Once you have recognized that something might be wrong on your AC unit, it's time for you to make quick fixes. You can open the AC cabinet and clean dusts and debris around the blades. Tighten the screws of the blades and other parts you notice to be loose. If you noticed humming or grinding noise in step one, you need to apply lubrication oil to the motors. You can also use a fin comb to clean and straighten bent coil fins. These simple steps should be enough to fix minor issues.

AC Repairman

If the above steps haven't worked, it's time for AC repair. Call your AC repairman if, even after the quick fixes, your AC unit continues emitting uncontrollable noise. An AC repairman will not only fix the cause of the noticeable noise, but will also address potential issues that your AC might have. This means that having a professional check you unit doesn't just fix the current problem; it also helps prevent future problems from happening. In fact, regular repair and maintenance for your AC unit can actually help you save more money than it costs you.

Be vigilant with your noisy AC unit because what should be a minor issue can lead to major costs from the energy bill and unit replacement. Be observant of the noise, do quick fixes on your own, call an AC specialist for professional repair if needed.