Three Reasons Why You May Need To Run The Air Conditioner At A Colder Setting

The setting of your air conditioner should be able to remain consistent throughout the day. Some people will adjust their temperature settings if the daytime temperature and nighttime temperature are drastically different. If they are not, leaving your temperature setting at the same dial for the entire season is common. If you notice that you are constantly having to change the temperature to a lower setting in order for the home to feel comfortable, there could be a few issues with your air conditioner. Here are some issues that may crop up and cause you to have to have to keep moving the temperature down a notch. 

All of the vents are not properly opened

if people tend to get too hot or too cold in one of the rooms, they may close up the vents. This will prevent the air from flowing through the vent into the room and changing the temperature. Often, this can cause one or two rooms to be too warm, while others are too cold. Before you call for air conditioning repair, go around your home to make sure that all vents are open and unobstructed. Check both the vent that are on the walls and those that are on the floor to make sure they are open. Then allow the home a few hours on the usual setting to determine the interior temperature. 

The air conditioner is weak

If the air conditioner is having issues running and the system is weak, it will be difficult for the unit to force air through the entire home. Have an air conditioner service company check how well your system is running. If your system is lagging, or even going out, you will need to get a major repair in order for the machine to operate appropriately. It is often the most cost-effective to get the air conditioner repaired, as fans will drive up the electricity bill and will need to be run 24/7 during the summer to sufficiently cool the home. 

Damper adjustment

Damper adjustment is best left to the professionals, but it can perfectly even out the air that is going into each room. If some rooms are getting the proper amount of airflow and others are not, the dampers may need to be adjusted. An air conditioning repair firm can adjust the dampers so that each room as the right amount of air coming in per square inch in every room of the home.  Ask your air conditioner service to check the dampers if you think that the cooling is uneven. 

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