3 Benefits Of Having Your Crawl Space Encapsulated

As a homeowner, you may not think about your crawl space and how it can impact your home. Taking preventative measures by having your crawl space encapsulated can prevent common problems that might reduce the value of your home and lead to significant repair expenses.

Moisture Barrier

Since your crawl space makes contact with the ground, it is inevitable that moisture problems will exist and eventually cause problems. Protecting your crawl space from moisture can stop or slow the progression of several moisture-related problems that might occur. One of the main problems caused by moisture is the presence of mold, which can eventually cause problems in the living areas of your home by lowering the air quality. Over time, the presence of mold can become a health hazard. Moisture will also cause the structure to rot, which is especially problematic when the foundation and floors begin to degrade and compromises the overall integrity of your home.

Energy Efficiency

When crawl spaces are encapsulated with plastic, this adds to the energy efficiency of your home. This may be especially noticeable during the warmer months when you use the air conditioning. Since cold air sinks, air conditioning can easily sink into the crawl space or other crevices below the living areas. This means less of your air conditioning is dedicated to cooling your home, thereby making it harder to keep the living areas comfortable. Similarly, during the colder months, encapsulating the crawl space can keep the cold air from affecting your floors as much. This translates into warmer floors during the winter and possibly less use of your heating system.

Reduce Humidity

In addition to encapsulating your crawl space, you should take the process a step further and add a dehumidifier. Although the layer of plastic in your crawl space will keep a barrier between the area and your floor, it does completely prevent moisture from occurring in your crawl space. The plastic encapsulation can simply trap moisture, making it an ideal location for mold growth and pests. As an added precaution, a dehumidifier will keep the humidity levels down, thereby inhibiting mold growth and making the area less desirable for pests. Dehumidification also reduces the likelihood of damage to the flooring and other structural components that are affected by the crawl space.

Encapsulating your crawl space can make a significant difference in the comfort of living areas and prevent common types of damage to your home. Investing in preventative measures for your crawl space can help you retain your home's value and prevent costly repairs. To learn more, contact a company like Atlantic Heating and Cooling