Increase the Lifespan of Your Air-Conditioning System with Ductwork Zone Dampers

Zone dampers are devices that are installed in air-conditioning ductwork to regulate the supply of cool air to a building. When closed, they restrict air supply to a given room. Opening the dampers usually allows the affected air duct to supply air to a specific room.

The control that these devices have on air supply usually allows a building owner to not only limit the supply of cool air to rooms that need air conditioning but also ensures a balanced distribution of the cooling effect of an air conditioner throughout a given building. Both of these things usually help to reduce the amount of work that an air-conditioning system has to do and hence reduces the rate at which it wears out. Here is what you should know about the lifespan-increasing powers of zone dampers.

Zone dampers and balanced air conditioning

If you have a building that has air ducts of different lengths and sizes, the amount of air that these ducts carry is bound to differ. As a result, some rooms in the building will have better air supply rates than others. Your building will end up having overly air conditioned rooms as well as rooms that aren't air conditioned enough. 

To make the rooms that are getting shorthanded more comfortable, your air conditioner will have to work harder and longer. And to make things worse, the air conditioner will still maintain its cool air output levels even when some of the rooms don't need more cool air. Your air conditioner will therefore end up being overworked. This will increase the rate at which its parts wear out.

If you have zone dampers installed in your building's ductwork, you can slightly close the dampers in ducts that have the larger share of cooled air. Doing so will create resistance that will then force some of the air that might have gone through the ducts to move to the undersupplied parts of the system. This will lead to balanced air conditioning that will then do away with the extra work involved with supplying cooled air to areas that already have enough of it. And since your system won't need to work harder and for longer hours just to make the building comfortable, it will have a longer lifespan.

Zone dampers and targeted air conditioning

In a building with multiple rooms, there are times when only some of the rooms will need cooling. A good example is when only a section of the building is occupied. If such a building is relying on one air-conditioning system, the system will be forced to cool the entire building even though only a certain percentage of the rooms need cooling. This will take longer to achieve.

If zone dampers are installed in such a building, all that the owner has to do is close the zone dampers in air ducts supplying air to the empty rooms. Doing so will ensure that cooled air produced by the air conditioner is only supplied to the occupied rooms. This will significantly reduce the burden that the air conditioner has to bear, decrease the effort you have to put into air-conditioning repair, and eventually help to extend the lifespan of the system.