Three Ways To Improve AC Efficiency

Running an AC unit all summer is both necessary and expensive. In fact, an air conditioner is one of the most expensive home appliances to operate. In order to save money on operating costs and to save wear and tear on your AC system, you need to look at your AC unit not as your home's sole defense against the heat and instead as only a part of your home's defense against the heat. By strengthening whatever weak spots your home has, you can reduce both operating and repair costs for you AC. 

Weak Windows

Windows are designed to let light into a home. While natural light helps to make a home feel open and inviting, UV rays do more than light up a home. There's a reason why a patch of sunlight on carpet or furniture feels warm. You should take it as a sign that your home is heating up as it absorbs the energy in the sun's UV rays. If you install low-e window film on your windows, you can reduce heat gain without cutting off your view of the outside world or blocking all light from entering your home. The right window film can help you to reduce your cooling costs by up to 23%

Weatherstripping around Doors

Doors present a tricky situation. They are designed to be a point of entry to your home, but they also have to provide a barrier against the elements. Doors should come with insulation in their core and weatherstripping around the door jam to provide a seal. Unfortunately, normal wear and tear combined with a constant cycle of heating and cooling can cause your weather stripping to wear out and crack. Whenever you notice damage to your weatherstripping, you should replace it. 

Turn up the Thermostat

When you come inside from a long day in the heat, you may be tempted to turn down your thermostat and lounge in a nicely chilled house. You need to know, however, that you can save 10% on your annual cooling costs by turning your thermostat up 7 degrees. At the very least, turn your thermostat up while you are away at work then program it to start cooling to a decent temperature when you get home. Resisting the urge to turn your home into an icebox makes good financial sense. 

The more steps you take to relieve the burden on your AC unit, the more money you stand to save. Make sure you look at every component of your home that plays a role in either cooling your home or keeping the heat out and upgrade wherever necessary. To make sure your AC unit is in prime condition for summer, contact a local air conditioner repair service and keep your home cool all summer long.