Air Conditioner Troubleshooting: Quick Fixes For A Continuously Running Blower Fan

The blower unit is tasked with forcing air throughout the air conditioning system. This usually ensures that there is always a sufficient amount of air available for cooling at the evaporator coil area. It also helps to avoid air conditioner complications, such as air conditioner coil icing, that can heavily affect the operational efficiency of the air conditioning system.

However, no airflow is needed when the air conditioning system isn't running. The blower fan should therefore stop automatically. And when it doesn't, it usually leads to the unnecessary consumption of energy that will eventually increase your energy bills. Detecting and fixing this problem as soon as possible is therefore a must. Here are tips that will help you do so.

Check the room thermostat fan or blower switch

Under normal operations, the room thermostat controls the working of the blower fan in that for as long as a place needs cooling, it keeps it running. The room thermostat controls usually cause the blower fan to be turned off when the required temperature is attained.

However, this is not usually the case when the blower fan switch at the room thermostat has been set to ON or MAN. This is because these settings usually override the automatic control that the room thermostat fan or blower switch has over the operation of the blower unit's fan. Simply switching the room thermostat's fan or blower switch back to AUTO is therefore sometimes enough to solve the continuously-running blower fan problem.

Check the limit switch at the air handler unit

In addition to regulating a home's temperature, air conditioners usually work as effective air filtering systems. This is mainly because of the presence of air filters in most air conditioning systems that usually trap dust, mold particles and other debris from any air that enters the system. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to keep the blower unit fan running even when no cooling is necessary.

Installation mistakes can affect the way the air conditioning system distributes cool air throughout a home and can thus cause uneven temperatures in the home. Letting the blower unit fan run, without the air conditioner's cooling process kicking in, may therefore be an easy way to ensure that there is even temperature within a home.

In order accommodate these needs, manufacturers sometimes install a manual override button for the fan limit control switch. This control is usually in the form of a white device with a pull-in, pull-out mechanism. When this control is activated, the blower fan can run even when there is no air conditioning going on. Changing the setting from "manual" to "auto" should be enough to turn the fan off when the air conditioning system isn't running. Contact a company like United Heating Cooling and Plumbing Inc for more information.