Three Tricks For Decreasing Your Heating Costs

A furnace can only heat up a home once the temperature has gone down enough. Thus, anything you can do to prevent the cold from seeping into your home will reduce the need to run your furnace, and thus help you to reduce utility costs. Some tricks for insulating a home will cost little to no money at all. 

Window Treatments

You might think that the only purposes that curtains serve are to provide some privacy and to keep the evening sun out of your eyes. While these are both important purposes, if you hang insulated curtains, you can block cold air from seeping into a room through your windows and reflect hot air toward the interior. A good insulated curtain will have a strip of foil between layers of thick fabric. The fabric layers will provide insulation, and the foil will reflect heat into a room while reflecting cold air back toward the window. You only have to close the curtains at night because during the day, solar heat gain can give your heater a boost. 

Area Rugs

Most people think that area rugs simply serve a decorative purpose, but if you have hardwood or tile floors, they can do more than that. A thick area rug will act as a layer of insulation to trap cold air before it can leak into a room. Not only will rugs save you from walking on cold floors in the morning, but they will also help to keep your home warmer. 

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is a good way to keep a room cool in the summer, but if you buy a fan with a reversible motor, you can use the same fan to help heat rooms more evenly. While running in reverse, a fan will push hot air back down into a room and thus help to distribute heat more evenly through the room so that your furnace does not have to run for as long to keep your home cool. 

These are just three low cost ways to help keep a home warm on a budget. While using a ceiling fan will not help to prevent heat from leaking out of your house, it is a good way to utilize the technology you likely already have. In any case, the more you do to make your furnace's job easier, the less you end up paying to keep your home comfortable. 

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