Signs Of A Furnace Control Board Problem

Do you realize how much work the furnace control board is responsible for with its many technological functions? It begins when you start the electronic ignition, the opening and closing of gas valves, blower activation, and all activities that provide you with a nice warm home.

However, just like all mechanical operations, problems can surface, and you might need to hire a professional. That is, unless, you are the do-it-yourself individual. If so, here are some signs your board isn't working properly.

Fluctuating Temperatures

If you notice the house is either too cold or too hot, and the thermostats are in good working order, you might have issues with the control board. For example, the furnace might run too long or cut off prematurely. It is a good idea to listen to the unit and notice whether it is operating in the right sequence.

Indicator Lights

Check the panel board to see if  the board is displaying a red LED light. The light is usually visible from a sight glass on the door of the furnace. The problem is indicated with a code similar to Morse code. Just remember the '' to find the problem.

The panel should have a chart to diagnose where the problem is, so you can give this information to a technician unless it is a problem you can easily repair. Money and time can be saved with these indicator lights.

The Blower

The board may have failed if you aren't observing any air activity from your home's vents. An easy way to check this problem would be to turn off the unit at the breaker. When you turn the furnace back on, did you hear the fan start? If not, it is probably an issue with the control board. 

You may also have a similar problem if the air flow never stops. It is not transmitting for the blower to shut down.

Blown Fuses

A separate fuse protects the control board of the furnace as a safeguard from the unit becoming too hot. If wires touch the frame of the furnace (wire), the fuse could be blown on the control board. You can view the fuse to see if the inside link is broken. When you change the fuse, be sure to replace it with one with the same amp size.

These are just several problems you can face when the furnace's control board fails. Regular maintenance might eliminate issues as time passes. Now, you know what to look for when it is time for the control board to be replaced.

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