Eww That Smell! Troubleshooting A Stinky Central Air System

There is nothing quite like bursting into your front door after a day in the sun to be greeted with a cool rush of cold air thanks to your central air unit. However, there are a handful of problems that can come up with your central air system that will leave you less enthused about the air that greets you in your house. If your central air unit is producing odors that are anything but friendly and welcoming, it is a surefire sign that there's something wrong. Here are a few of the most smelly problems with central air units and the problems they could indicate. 

Your air smells like burning rubber.

Not only is the smell of rubber or plastic burning going to be unfriendly to your senses, it can be enough to cause some alarm. After all, if something smells like it's burning then it must be. If this is the first time the air unit has been on for the season or if you are using a new unit, the smell of plastic or burning rubber should subside quickly and is really no cause for concern. However, if the odor continues, turn off your air conditioner, cut the breaker, and call up a professional for advice. The smell could mean there are exposed wires somewhere in your system. 

The cooled air smells something similar to stinky socks.

When all you want to do is enjoy the cool air that your unit provides, the smell of dirty socks is definitely not going to be welcomed. This odor is most commonly associated with mold and mildew. So, if this is something you are experiencing, it is a very real possibility that you have mold or mildew developing somewhere in the system. Moisture could've made its way into your ducts or possibly inside of the unit itself. Either way, the only way to get rid of the odor is to have a technician take a look and track down the source of the moisture. 

The treated air from your air conditioner reeks of urine or ammonia. 

Unfortunately, the smell of urine or a strong ammonia odor from your air conditioner is a telltale indication that you have a rodent problem in your house. If rodents make their way into the ductwork, it is an ideal location for them to bed. The urine-soaked insulation and materials will radiate a strong odorr through your home. Call up a pest control agent first, and then you will likely need a repair company to replace some of the damaged materials. 

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