Did Your Air Conditioner System Break Down? How To Know If It Doesn’t Need Replacement

When your air conditioning system breaks down, your first instinct may be that the whole unit needs to be replaced.  The cost of replacement can be daunting, which is why the first step is to have it inspected and repaired if possible.  Here are some signs that the unit is not quite ready to be replaced with a new one.

The Air Conditioner Is Not Over 10 Years Old

The age of a household appliance is not always a good reason to have it replaced, but it will give you a rough idea about if it is time to do so.  Air conditioning units typically have a 10-15 year lifespan before they are broken beyond repair.  

The younger an air conditioner unit is, the more basic the repair could be.  Chances are that the unit won't need a brand new compressor, since the problem could be as simple as fixing a leak in the Freon line or fixing the wiring going to the thermostat.  It won't be until major parts start seeing wear and tear after many years that replacement of the compressor with a new one is the financially viable option.

Your Energy Bills Are Remaining Steady

As older air conditioning systems start to show their age, they will not operate as efficiently as they once did.  It will take longer to cool down a home, the air may not be as cold as it used to be, and you'll see an increase in your electric bills.  The easiest one of these three factors to measure is your electric bills. 

Energy bills can fluctuate based on the weather, but you shouldn't be seeing energy bills that are gradually increasing over the past few years.  If you have not made major changes to how you consume energy in your home, and the bills are remaining consistent, it's a sign that the unit is still performing normally aside from whatever small repair is necessary to get it up and running again.

Your Home Is Not Humid

Another problem an aging air conditioner can have is with removing humidity from the air.  The return air vents are what cause air to circulate throughout your home, and the air conditioner removes the humidity in the air during that process. If the air conditioner is becoming less powerful due to old age, it will have trouble pulling air through the return vents and removing the humidity.  If your house did not feel humid prior to it breaking down, it means your air conditioner was still running at optimal efficiency and it could be a small repair that needs to be fixed.

By knowing these three things, you'll understand if the problem could lead to air conditioner repairs or replacement.