Should You Upgrade Your Window Air Conditioner To An HVAC System

You already have window air conditioners and are happy with them, but you've heard an HVAC system could be better. Which one do you opt for now? Should you really spend the money on upgrading your home cooling system?

The truth is getting an HVAC system now could save you money in the long term and be better for your home. Here are some of the reasons to upgrade today.

HVAC Systems Look Better

There is something to be said for the aesthetic appeal of an HVAC system. They do look much better and safer than the window units. Window systems are heavier and placed within the frame, and there have been stories of them dropping on passers-by.

A well positioned, good looking HVAC system (they are much easier to come by) will add appeal to your home. This can end up adding value in the long term.

Window Units Only Measure Overall Energy Rating

There are now two rating methods to help consumers choose the best unit for their home. Window air conditioners only rate in the overall Energy Efficiency Rating (EER), while the HVAC systems will rate both EER and Season Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). The SEER is a better idea of running costs because it shows you the cost when you are more likely to use the unit.

This is important to consider, especially since the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy states that about 5 percent of electricity in the U.S. is used for cooling the home.

Benefit From a Ductless System

There are lots of components with air conditioning systems, including the ducts. Ducts need to be insulated well or the system isn't as energy efficient as it could be, losing heat quickly. HVAC systems come in ductless versions, which mean fewer ways for the systems to waste energy.

Cooling Through Zoning

A central system will allow for zoning. You can usually have numerous blowers connected to the one central system, and turn them on and off as necessary. They also push the air through and end up cheaper to run in the long term. It does mean all your rooms can be at different temperatures easily and quickly, suiting everyone's preferences.

There are lots of options for your cooling systems. A central HVAC system could be worth upgrading to, but you need to look around to find the best option and air conditioning installation service for your particular home.